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Why Dance?

Dance helps us to reconnect and rebuild relationship with our bodies in a healthy and fun way! While helpful, traditional talk therapy can have limitations because it does not involve any body based interventions. When working through past traumatic experiences, for example, it is often helpful to incorporate some form of body-based intervention because there may be components of the traumatic memories stored deep within the body. Dance, when added to talk therapy, gives us the opportunity to access those parts of us that remain hidden in our bodies in a healthy and empowering way.

Where will the dance classes and workshops be held?

Beginning in June, The Epiphany Room will be offering monthly dance and movement workshops through our therapeutic dance studio, Adenuga Dance & Wellness, located in Marlton, NJ at Hard Work No Excuses Gym. You can also learn more about our therapeutic dance studio by checking out our website

What kind of dance will be offered?

Our dance classes and workshops will be Afro-Diasporic in nature. At The Epiphany Room, we believe that the best way to heal is to access movement practices that are indigenous and celebrate the connection between our bodies and nature, as many Afro-Diasporic dances do. Some examples of the styles of dancing we will be doing are West African, Afro-Cuban Folkloric and Orisha, as well as Afrobeats, Salsa, Bachata and Cha-Cha for the more social and partner-based (read: relationship based) workshops.

Who will be teaching the classes and workshops?

Aliya will be the primary instructor for all of the classes, however, there will also be guest teachers who will come to offer additional styles of dance in the future! These guest teachers will either partner with Aliya to teach or will teach independently. Some examples of dance/movement workshops that will be offered by guest teachers are Yoga, Kizomba and Belly Dancing, to name a few!

Do I have to be a dancer or have a dance background to participate?

Nope! These workshops are for Adults at ALL skill levels! The most important thing is get you moving!!

When will the classes/workshops be held?

Classes and workshops will be offered twice per month. Please see below for the class schedule for June, and be sure check back to stay updated on class announcements for July!

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