Tarot Therapy

The Epiphany Room is pleased to offer Tarot Therapy as a wellness service!

Why Tarot?

Although traditionally used as a predictive tool for entertainment, tarot has so many other creative ways that it can be used. In Tarot Therapy, the cards are used in a manner very similar to art therapy. Each card pulled will be used as a tool for reflective thought and insight development. Other tools such as journaling will also be incorporated to help deepen self exploration.

Will the cards be used to predict the future?

No, the cards will solely be used to reflect and explore the psyche. The cards will also be used as a prompting tool to encourage taking active steps to change.

Will the cards be used spiritually?

This will not be the standard, but if a client wishes to incorporate their personal spirituality into the session, that is something that will be welcomed.

Is Tarot Therapy actual therapy?

Tarot Therapy at The Epiphany Room is solely a wellness service. As such, it will never serve to replace actual therapy, and will not be provided in cases where more intense therapeutic services are assessed to be needed. Tarot Therapy is solely provided as a service to support your overall wellness journey and will never be used as a method of clinical stabilization.

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