For Spirit

The Epiphany Room is pleased to offer Spiritual Counseling. While walking a spiritual path can be beautiful, it can also be challenging and very lonely at times. It can be even more difficult for those of us who are also healers and spiritual workers. The Epiphany Room aims to be a safe place for those who are spiritually called, whether on an individual path or working collectively as a healer. This work is heavy, allow us to be a support to you. We offer Spiritual counseling for issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Spiritual Worker Burnout
  • Spiritual & Religious Conflict
  • Healing Religious Wounds & “Church Hurt”
  • Recovery From Spiritual Abuse
  • Navigating Spirituality & Sexuality


*Please note that only virtual and phone counseling services are offered at this time due to current need for social distancing. 

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