About Me

Aliya Adenuga – Clinician
As a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience, I specialize primarily in trauma recovery (sexual/emotional/physical), sexual wellness and relationship issues (family/couples). I also have significant experience in mood disorders and self esteem issues. My therapy is Woman-focused, aimed to help empower the women I work with the be the best versions of themselves. My services span from addressing general mental health counseling needs, to more specific issues, such as trauma recovery and professional career counseling for women entrepreneurs. Because life stressors tend to impact us on many different levels, I also like to incorporate expressive and creative interventions in my therapeutic practice, as needed. When we experience life stressors and traumatic experiences, we tend to disconnect the body and mind, neglecting to care for our full selves. Because my therapeutic approach is holistic, I believe in treating the whole person. A big part of that is working towards re-integrating the mind and body as part of the healing process. Examples of this would be incorporating things such as movement arts and meditative practices with my therapeutic approach, as needed and at the comfort level of the individual I am working with.
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – Temple University 2007
Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2011
37PC00534300 (NJ)
Email: scheduling@theepiphanyroom.com